House GOP Insists on Legislation to Bar VP Harris from Overseas Trips until She Visits the Southern Border

Representative Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Iowa, used the House floor on Monday to insist on a bill that would prevent Vice President Kamala Harris from overseas travel funded by taxpayers money, until she first pays a visit to the southern border, Fox News informed.

The Vice President who is set to lead the efforts to curtail the root cause of the massive immigration waves coming from Central America, has recently faced harsh criticism by the GOP members for not paying a visit to the southern border in order to experience the crisis she is set to curb.

Hinson said that although the crisis is getting worse, Harris still refuses to go to the border and have talk with the law enforcement officers who are on the front lines fighting this issue.

She added that Harris has visited bakeries, yarn shops and even flew past the border in order to hold a meeting with leaders of foreign countries, and laughed on the question why she still has not visited the southern border.

Hinson sought an urgent consideration of her statement, but the Democrats turned the proposal down. Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, dismissed the proposal describing it as unserious and not worthy of further discussions.

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