Former DOJ Leadership Did Not Know of Any Subpoena for Don McGahn

Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General and his deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did not know of any Department of Justice subpoena for certain records of Don McGahn, a White House counsel in the Trump’s administration, Fox News found out from a source close to both Rosenstein and Sessions.

According to a Sunday report by the New York Times, Apple has informed McGahn that the company received a subpoena in February, 2018, related to an email account McGahn held. At that time Sessions and Rosenstein were in office, and several DOJ officials said that, such a move would normally come to the attention of both the attorney general and his deputy.

Former senior DOJ official said that it would be crazy to do something like that without noticing the senior leadership.

The officials also said that McGahn might not have been the main target of a probe, and that the focus might have been put on someone he communicated with.

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