Report Shows Wisconsin Republicans Spent More than $8.5M Taxpayer Money on Lawsuits Since 2018

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau found that Wisconsin GOP has spent more than $8,5 million in taxpayer money in the last three years on lawsuits against the Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, to stop election laws from changing as well as limiting the powers that Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul hold, The Hill reports.

One of the lawsuits Republicans launched was successful with a judge ruling to end Evers’s stay-at-home order last year during the pandemic.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s cost analysis was conducted at the request of Democratic Rep. Evan Goyke and their report prompted the Democratic lawmakers on the Joint Finance Committee to attempt to make a rule where attorneys would have to be voted on by the legislature.

Republican, who lead the Joint Finance Committee,  hired the attorneys without requiring rank-and-file lawmakers to weigh in on it.

Though the motion failed, Democrats on committee pointed that the report “underscores the misplaced priorities of Republicans and their disastrous financial choices that are jeopardizing billions for Wisconsin’s economy.”

Republicans, on the other side, blamed the cost of the lawsuits on the Democrats’ engaging in actions Republicans believe they must take to court.

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