Ocasio-Cortez Assesses Kamala Harris Immigration Remarks as Disappointing

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Squad Democrat from New York, said that the remarks Vice President Kamala Harris made about immigration are “disappointing,” Fox News informed.

Harris made this comments on a press conference saying that all the migrants who want to come in US should not cross the border.

Ocasio-Cortez, in a tweet, wrote that arriving at the US border to seek asylum is a a very legal thing to do.

The Squad Member also mentioned that United States was the culprit for destabilization in certain Latin American areas adding that US cannot destroy someone’s houses and than cast the blame on them for leaving them.

Fox News reported that Harris said those remarks in order to clear up the position on immigration of the current administration in a visit to Guatemala. Harris also stated that the United States is set to proceed its operation towards bringing better security at the borders.

Harris stated that the administration’s goal is to help the people of Guatemala to find their hopes in their home country, and urged those who are thinking of making the trip to US-Mexico border not to do it, because there are other legal methods for migrating.

The Vice President also stated that US administration would discourage every illegal attempt to migrate to the country, and those who will come like that would be sent back.

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