Obama Says Trump is the Reason for Increased Anti-Semitism

Barack Obama, the former President of the US said that his successor Donald Trump is the main reason for increased anti-Semitic sentiments in the country, Fox News informed.

Obama gave an exclusive interview to the Jewish Insider, where he accused former President Donald Trump of stirring the pot on this topic when he was in office. Obama also said that seeds that gave birth to the Holocaust, have been in the country all along.

Obama continued that the seeds have always reemerged in times of changes, waiting for some uncertainties in order to thrive. He also recalled an address he made at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC in his last year as president of US.

The former President also said that when he made that speech, anti-Semitism was taking a swing around the globe. There was anger in people’s eyes from the rising problems such as inequality and immigration, and naturally people were always in search for somebody else to blame. Obama added that Trump only exacerbated that situation.

Obama underlined that despite everything, he is pleased that there are also call for solidarity with these people that have naturally arisen as a result of the anti-Semitic sentiments.

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