Ilhan Omar Places US and Israel in Same Category as Hamas, and the Taliban

Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, on Monday said that the United States are in the same category with Hamas and the Taliban, adding that along with Israel and all other terrorist organizations is guilty for committing atrocities, Fox News informed.

The member of progressive group of Democrats called the Squad, tweeted that America should be held accountable and stood before the justice for all its victims and the crimes against humanity.

The Squad Democrat also stated that US and Israel are culprits for “unthinkable atrocities” in the same way as the terrorist organizations are for the crimes committed.

Omar also wrote that she asked Antony Blinken where do people need to go to seek justice.

Omar’s tweet also featured a video of her asking a question to Blinken during the Monday hearing on the budget request and foreign policy strategy of the Department of State in the Committee for House Foreign Affairs.

Although the tweet mentioned US in the same group as the other terrorist organizations, in the questioning of Blinken she indicated that Israel, the government of Afghanistan, Hamas and the Taliban are the guilty of committing war crimes, omitting to mention US in this group.

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