Democratic and Republican Senators Unveil Report on Attack on Capitol

Senator from both sides of isle on Tuesday unveiled a report on the rioting in the Capitol that happened on January 6 and provided certain recommendation for preventing other breaches in security that might occur, Fox News informed.

Both, the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration and the Government Affairs Committee revealed that they are initiating a probe just 2 days after the rioting happened. The investigation, which lasted for months covered two hearings and the committees also got a hold of and revised numerous documents, according to a press release. Committee members also questioned employees in the Capitol Police as well as other agencies of law enforcement.

The probe set to focus on the faults occurred in the intelligence sharing, the readiness of the forces and their time of response.

The matter has managed to create a very deep political divisions in Washington. Last week, Senate Republicans prevented the establishment of a bipartisan commission that will further investigate the issue. The vote ended 54-35, and 60 was needed for the House bill to pass.

The Tuesday report was composed by the Republicans Roy Blunt and Rob Portman and by Democratic Senators Gary Peters and Amy Klobuchar. The probe revealed holes in the protocol in almost every segment of security, starting from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security who did not manage to sound the alarm for an upcoming violence, all the way to the incompetent behavior of the Capitol police and the other agencies.

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