Trump Accuses Biden of Incompetence and for ‘Destroying Our Country’

U.S. President Joe Biden found himself blasted on his handling of China, the Middle East and the crisis at the southern border by the former President Donald who claims his successor is incompetent and is destroying the country, New York Post writes.

Trump noted on Newsmax’s “Dick Morris Democracy” on Saturday that Biden is doing nothing but destroying the country and warned that Americans will not a country.

According to Trump’s accusations, Biden overturned Trump administration’s work on the Mexican border and created the flaming situation that exists there today instead of just doing nothing, which would’ve resulted with the strongest border in the US history.

Trump emphasized that, out of incompetence, Biden administration made horrible mistake reversing several of his immigration programs, including the “remain in Mexico” policy according to which the asylum seekers had to wait out the legal process in their home country.

Immigration advocacy groups may have been praising Biden for not keeping  previous immigration policies in place, but Trump claims that due the changes, the officials in the Northern Triangle countries are emptying their prisons so the inmates- their murderers, their drug addicts, human traffickers and drug dealers- can travel to the US.

Trump also blasted Biden and House Democrats for their weak support for Israel after it was attacked by Hamas militants, reminding that country was protected and well liked by the Congress in the last 10 or 12 years, but now a great injustice is happening to Israel and, on top of that, the House, that doesn’t like the country, is protective of anything other than Israel.

On the other side, Biden came under fire from progressive House for not giving a stronger support to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza.

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