Healthcare Workers sue Houston Methodist Hospital over Mandatory Vaccinations

A Texas hospital is facing a lawsuit in state court from a group of 117 healthcare workers who refuse their employer’s mandate requiring all staff to get COVID-19 vaccinations, Reuters reports.

The Houston Methodist Hospital’s employees say in their lawsuit that their employer’s compulsory immunization requirement violated the Nuremberg Code, a set of standards designed after World War Two to prevent experimentation on human subjects without their consent.

The lawsuit also says they were presented with the choice of either getting a vaccine or losing their job, which violated state law, and asked the court to bar Houston Medical from firing unvaccinated staffers.

The lawsuit comes a day after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued updated guidance stating that no federal laws exist that can prevent U.S. companies to enforce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 on their employees.

That comes as no surprise considering a shortfall in demand for inoculations due to ambivalence or skepticism about the vaccines, forcing the public health officials to try new strategies to persuade people to get the shots.

Still, majority of employers are reluctant to require workers to be vaccinated with only 9% of more than 700 employers surveyed by management-side law firm Fisher Phillips earlier this year saying they were considering mandating vaccines.

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