Ethiopians Staged Rally to Protest U.S. Intervention

As the U.S. increases pressure on Ethiopia on grounds of human rights violations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia imposing restrictions on aid and pushing for a dialogue between the vanquished Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian government, Ethiopians in the country are reacting to it by staging demonstrations

More than 10,000 Ethiopian pro-government demonstrators denounced the United States on Sunday massive rally, some carrying banners written in English, Arabic and Amharic saying “USA show us your neutrality”, “Ethiopia doesn’t need a caretaker”, “Ethiopia does not need a protectorate” and “Fill the dam”, a reference to a huge Nile dam opposed by Egypt and Sudan, U.S News reports.

Biden administration imposed restrictions on economic and security assistance to Ethiopia over the conflict a week ago, saying it would bar current or former Ethiopian or Eritrean officials it deems responsible for the crisis and demanding withdrawal of Amhara forces from Tigray region. The U.S. state department also announced visa restrictions against targeted Ethiopian and Eritrean officials.

The Ethiopian government called the U.S. action misguided and regrettable, pointing in a message tweeted by the ministry of foreign affairs that it will not be deterred by this unfortunate decision of the U.S. administration, and warning that if such a resolve to meddle in their internal affairs and to undermine bilateral ties continues unabated, the government will be forced to reassess its relations with the US, which might have implications beyond their bilateral relationship.

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