Tennessee Shop Provokes Ire for Selling Nazi-Style Yellow Stars as ‘Not Vaccinated’ Patches

Selling “Not Vaccinated” stick-on patches modeled after the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe has put a Tennessee hat shop under fierce fire with observers online rejecting the comparison as wildly offensive, Newsweek writes.

The store, hatWRKS, used Instagram to promote the new item, which carries the words “Not vaccinated” and is designed around one of the most widely known symbols of the Holocaust, advertising it for $5 apiece and promising that they’ll be offering trucker caps soon.

The advertisement on the Instagram account of hatWRKS in Nashville, which was later deleted, was met with outrage and a torrent of condemnation for the shop and its owner, Gigi Gaskins, who was apparently featured in the Instagram missive sporting the yellow patch on Twitter, with users calling for the store to be boycotted.

The hatWRKS’ account hit back at critics, replacing its post with an unsigned statement that said people are so outraged by the post but not with the tyranny the world is experiencing.

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