Senate Filibuster’s Future Could Be Decided Today

The U.S. Senate will most likely convene a procedural vote today on the bill to create commission on the Jan.6 riot, which could be the beginning of the end for the filibuster in this political body, Fox News says.

The vote, which requires 60 yeas, has majority support among the Democrats with only a handful of Republicans expected to vote on beginning a debate, which prompts angry claims from the political rivals that they don’t want to get to the bottom of Jan. 6 events.

Yet, Democratic leaders could use some of the ire as a wedge to convince its senators to eventually end the filibuster since some Democrats believe the riot was such an atrocity that creating the commission may be worthy cause for blowing up the filibuster.

Although Thursday’s vote is procedural and not an actual vote on the bill itself, it will serve as a barometer as to whether there is a chance to eventually advance this bill and the future of the filibuster.

Fox News says that today could prove to be very telling about the future of the filibuster although the Senate won’t vote to change the it on Thursday and the procedural vote on the commission isn’t locked in yet.

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