Facebook Closes Pro-Israel Page Targeted by Radical Islamists

Facebook, the social media company, shut down a pro-Israel page because it was targeted by radical Islamists, in the wake of the ongoing fighting in Gaza, Fox News informed.

The page that went under the name Jerusalem Prayer Team (JPT), has tens of millions followers, and was closed on Friday after a surge of comments who sought for its removal.

The founder of the page, Michael Evans, said for the Christian Broadcasting Network, that radical islamists targeted the page in an organized attack, and that all the people who allegedly posted comments, contacted Facebook to deny that they have ever written on such page.

According to some news outlets, Evan stated that the content placed on the page was anti-Semitic, and some of the comments even showed Hitler photos.

For CBN, Evans also claimed that everything was a complete fraud and scam, a plan cleverly tailored by the Islamic radicals.

There were also YouTube and messages on the Facebook platform that provided instructions on how to put pressure on social media platforms about the JPT page.

Evans used the page to lead online prayers on a daily basis in the wake of continuous fighting.

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