UN Secretary General Guterres Says That Vaccine Production Needs to Double

Some countries around the world have not yet received a single dose of the coronavirus vaccine, while richer countries are actively vaccinating their populations, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said en route on his visit to Moscow.

“Vaccine nationalism is a big mistake. Overall, we see a huge difference between vaccinations in the developing world and the developed world,” Guterres said, recalling how the COVAX initiative was established with the goal of distributing vaccines in developing nations.

According to the UN diplomat, it is very unfortunate that COVAX still lacks a funding of about $22bn. He also added that now there are additional supply problems due to the export restrictions in different countries.

Guterres called on manufacturers of coronavirus vaccines to join forces to double production. “To me it is obvious that the global vaccine production needs to double in order for all needs to be met.”

The UN head also recalled his call on the G20 to develop a global vaccination plan, in order to strengthen the capacity of all countries and companies that produce vaccines. Guterres also expressed hope that all vaccine manufacturers would soon be able to come together and create a global vaccination plan that will cover people in all countries around the world.

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