Caitlyn Jenner Says Immigrants in California Should Have the Right to Become Citizens

Caitlyn Jenner, who joined the race for California’s governor, stated that undocumented immigrants should have the opportunity to become citizens – but “the bad ones” have to leave, Fox News informed.

The reality TV star stated that the reason for running for the gubernatorial position is mainly the situation at the border.

In an interview with Dana Bash, she stated that she saw horrid images at the borders, with kids held up in cages.

The Olympic medalist also stated that she approves the idea of building a wall on the border with Mexico. However, in the interview later she emphasized that all undocumented immigrants need to be granted the right to become citizens, since the number in California reaches 1.75 milion.

Jenner underlined that some of the most wonderful people she met in her life were immigrants, and that she would gladly fight for their right to gain citizenship.

However, she also stated that those with bad behavioral habits should not be included in this group.

She wants to make sure that people who are trying to illegally enter the US and have criminal records need to be sent back.

The reality star is in the race with several other Republicans, and she is on her mission to assume the position of incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Jenner, gave her support to Donald Trump in the presidential 2016 campaign, but later cut all ties right after the Trump administration decided to issue a ban on transgender people to serve in the military.

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