House Republicans Dispute Biden’s Plan to Send Money to Central America to Halt Migration

House Oversight and Budget committees’ republicans are disputing an alleged plan of the Biden administration to transfer money to Central America as part of a strategy to cut the main cause of the migrant crisis, Fox News informed.

According to them, with this plan Biden’s administration is making an attempt to buy its way of the migrant crisis.

Ranking members on the House Committees, Reps. Jason Smith and James Comer, sent a letter to Shalanda Young, the Acting Office of Management and Budget Director, voicing their concerns about a strategy that includes cash transfers that address the root cause of the border crisis.

According to this letter, it is very troubling that Biden’s administration reversed some successful policies, and instead of bringing this policies back in function or replacing them with more feasible solutions, they decided to send money to countries that are already facing corruption in their lines, and expecting them to dissuade their citizens to break the US laws.

White House’s southern border coordinator Roberta Jacobson stated for Reuters that the plan targets three countries, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, as they are believed to be the main source of the migration at the border.

She also stated that they are looking into the possible answers why these people are migrating, but also at the protection and security reasons.

Jacobson did not mention who would get these amounts of money, as well as how this mechanism would essentially function, but she did claim that the she is sure the government won’t be sending checks directly to people.

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