Chris Christie: Biden ‘Lying’ about Spending Package Going toward ‘Infrastructure’

Chris Christie on Sunday accused President Biden of “lying” about his nearly $2 trillion infrastructure package — saying he’s calling a “dog a cat” because it goes far beyond rebuilding roads and bridges to include Democratic priorities like healthcare, Fox News informed.

“You cannot call a $400 billion plan to force unionization in states, to say that taking care of increasing Medicaid payments in states, is infrastructure,” Christie said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Now language does matter. We learned that in the last four years. How you use it and what you say, and I said last week that the president’s not telling the truth, and he’s not telling the truth about the infrastructure package,” he continued.

Christie described Biden’s infrastructure package as “the care economy. This is care infrastructure.”

“It’s baloney,” he said.

But anchor George Stephanopoulos and guest Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago, hit back that Biden’s proposals are popular and have widespread support, including from Republicans and independents.

“So here’s what’s not popular. Lying is not popular. It’s not infrastructure, George,” Christie said.

“Do you really want to use the word ‘lie’ there?” Stephanopoulos responded.

“Let’s just be fair here,” Christie said.

“If Donald Trump had come out and called a dog a cat, which is what Joe Biden’s doing, we would be outraged by the fact that he’s lying,” the former governor continued.

“But with Joe Biden, somehow it’s like, ‘oh well, come on, it’s Joe.’ No, no, no, no. It’s not true.”

Christie said if Biden wants to pursue increased Medicaid payments, he should “make that case and see if he gets it passed.”

“I know he won’t, and the people around this table, whether they’ll say it or not, they know it won’t pass either,” Christie stated.

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