Noosphere Venture to Support Space Foundation’s Annual International Student Art Contest

In the next three years, Noosphere Ventures will support Space Foundation’s annual International Student Art Contest. Beginning its second decade, the contest invites students from around the world to electronically submit their original artwork in response to different themes announced each year.

The student artists may draw, paint or create a mixed media or digital work of art and submit it online for entry.

The Space Foundation, a global space advocate for nearly 40 years, launched its annual International Student Art Contest  in 2011, inspiring young people to use their creative gifts and curiosity to explore the wonders of space and the exciting possibilities in science, mathematics, engineering and technology (STEM) fields.

The contest also represents an opportunity for students to explore their interests and showcase their talents, as well as an opportunity for parents, teachers and communities to spark a love of STEM in young people through the lens of space.

Noosphere Venture Partners LP, a space-focused international asset management firm, is sponsoring the event on the initiative of its managing partner, Max Polyakov, and has nominated Firefly Aerospace, a Noosphere Venture portfolio company, as its representative this year.

Dr. Polyakov has long promoted the awareness of space and STEM, and was instrumental in creating the DREAM program, which has committed a portion of the payload capacity on the Firefly Alpha rocket’s maiden flight to support and stimulate STEM on a global basis.

“The goals of the International Art Contest align with the Noosphere theory, initially promoted by celebrated academician Volodymyr Vernadsky, which considers the human mind and knowledge to be driving forces of development and the most valuable resources for the preservation of the planet,” said Dr. Polyakov.

 “By instilling younger generations with a love and understanding of space, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), humanity will be better equipped to tackle the challenges facing the Earth,” he emphasized.

“Space Foundation is grateful and excited to partner with Noosphere to take the International Student Art Contest to its next level of worldwide impact. Blending the arts, sciences and imagination opens up a wellspring of creativity for young people to explore how they see themselves in the global space ecosystem,” said Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation. “Today’s young people are tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders. With Noosphere’s support, the International Student Art Contest can celebrate students and inspire even more of them to reach for the stars.”

Headquartered in the USA, Menlo Park, California, Noosphere Venture invests in projects from all over the world mainly focused on space and development of a New Space concept.

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