LUNCHTIME POLITICS: Latest Georgia Polling

Your Daily Polling Update for Monday, January 4, 2021

Among voters statewide

GEORGIA (Special Election)
(Gravis) Raphael Warnock (D) over Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R): +2 (49-47)
Average of last three polls: Warnock +4
GEORGIA (Regular Election)
(Gravis) Jon Ossoff (D) and Sen. David Perdue (R): +3 (50-47)
Average of last three polls: Ossoff +4.3
RON’S COMMENT: This new poll shows the race tighter than the JMC polling we reported the other day, but it still has both Democrats leading…. This poll finds that 50% of the state’s electorate believes the 2020 election was won legitimately, while 40% believe the election was stolen…. In the Nov. 3 regular election, Perdue led with 49.7% and Ossoff had 48%. Warnock led the special election field with 32.9% and Loeffler ran second with 25.9%. When no candidate gets a majority, there is a runoff.

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