Fauci Jumps on Biden’s Offer to Continue Serving as Chief of COVID Task Force

The top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci who is the top public expert on the covid pandemic stated on Friday that he without hesitation accepts President-elect Joe Biden’s offer to serve as his chief medical adviser.

“Absolutely, I said yes right on the spot,” Fauci told NBC’s “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie.

According to The Hill, Fauci will continue his post as chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, marking his seventh presidential administration of keeping his role. 

Biden on Thursday had his first joint interview with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris since the election. During the interview, he said to CNN host Jake Tapper that he offered Fauci to continue to serve under him. 

“I asked him to stay on the exact same role he’s had for the past several presidents, and I asked him to be a chief medical adviser for me as well, and be part of the COVID team,” Biden said of Fauci.  

Fauci commented on Biden’s plan to ask Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days in office, saying that after the first 100 days, masks might still be needed to stem the spread of the virus but Biden wants commitment from the American people for a structured time frame. 

“I discussed that with him and I told him I thought that was a good idea,” Fauci concluded.

While Biden wants everyone to wear masks, he will not have the constitutional authority to directly order a nationwide mask mandate.

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