Turkey Urged by Germany, France to Stop with Provocations

Two of the biggest European forces, Germany and France, accused Turkey of provoking the European Union with the actions in the eastern Mediterranean and gave it a week to become clear on its positions.

Turkish officials issued a statement on Wednesday, that Turkey was restarting operations of a survey ship, even though the European Union made a summit deal earlier this month in which it tried to persuade Turkey to stop exploring for natural gas in waters owned by Greece and Cyprus.

According to Reuters, Turkey withdrew the vessel last month, just before the EU summit, at which economic sanctions were discussed, only to redeploy it on Monday. The bloc said it would review the possibility of sanctions on Turkey at a European summit in December.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian held a news conference with the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland in which he said:

“It’s clear to us that Turkey is permanently carrying out provocative acts which are unacceptable.’’

He added that the ball was in Ankara’s court, but that the E.U was ready to change the balance of power if Turkey did not return to dialogue.

Heiko Maas, the Foreign Minister of Germany, said that Turkey’s decision to send the ship back to the Mediterranean was “inadmissible’’.

“It’s been twice that expected discussions have not taken place and we don’t know when they will happen. We must wait to see if there is progress in a week and then we’ll see what attitude needs to be adopted by the EU,’’ said Maas.

Turkey was also criticized for its impact in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts, where they are on the side of Azerbaijan against Armenia.

“There will not be a military victory on this issue so the ceasefire must be implemented. Whan we can see today is the only country which isn’t calling for respect of the ceasefire is Turkey and that’s damaging,’’ said the Foreign Minister of France, Le Drian.

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