Progressive Groups Launch ‘We Paid More’ Campaign in Response to Trump Taxes Report

The New York Times’ article about President Donald Trump who is a billionaire and has only paid $750 in federal income taxes the period between 2016 and 2017 exploded throughout the country and made several progressive groups to form a coalition and launch an initiative to change the tax code as it is too favorable for the wealthy Americans.

The groups issued a joint statement in which they said:

The “We Paid More’’ initiative, which is being rolled out less than a month before the presidential election, will include a six-figure ad campaign that will highlight the stories of middle-class workers who have paid more in federal income taxes than Trump. The campaign will also highlight ways that wealthy Americans avoid taxes.

Tax March, Americans for Tax Fairness, and the Patriotic Millionaires are the groups that make this coalition. 

Tax March executive director Maura Quint issued a statement in which she said:

“Donald Trump’s taxes are the clearest example of how broken and corrupt our tax system truly is.’’

For most years from 2000 through 2017, Trump did not pay anything in federal income taxes, in part because he had significant business losses, according to a report from The Times.

According to The Hill, Trump has pushed back on the article – saying during last week’s presidential debate that he’s paid millions in federal income taxes – but he remains the first president in decades who hasn’t released any of his tax returns. The Times’ article has prompted Democrats to renew their calls for increasing taxes on the rich and for boosting the IRS’s budget for enforcement.

Patriotic Millionaires Chair Morris Pearl said in a statement:

“It’s absurd that rich people like me pay lower tax rates than most normal Americans. Donald Trump’s tax returns should be a call-to-arms for hard-working Americans who pay their fair share to stand up and demand a tax system that treats everyone fairly, no matter how rich they are. No more special treatment for freeloading millionaires.”

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