White House to Announce $11.6B Aid Package for Puerto Rico: Sources

The White House on Friday will announce a $11.6 billion aid package for Puerto Rico, three years after the territory was hit by Hurricane Maria, sources tell Fox News.

The aid package will be to assist Puerto Rico’s energy and education systems as the island continues to deal with the aftermath of the devastation brought by the 2017 hurricane.

It comes after President Trump last week approved a disaster declaration for the island, following Hurricane Isaias over the summer. That declaration made funding available to affected areas for housing, loans to cover uninsured property losses and to help individuals and businesses recover.

But the territory had still been recovering from the aftermath of Maria, particularly due to its outdated energy system — which had been wrecked by the hurricane.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in a statement Friday morning, said the funds were “overdue” and criticized the response by the Trump administration.

“Long before the hurricanes, Puerto Rico had a crumbling and dirty energy grid. After the storms utterly destroyed the grid, it created an opportunity to rebuild a cleaner, cheaper and more resilient energy system, but the Trump administration dithered and delayed and refused to deliver timely disaster aid for the people of Puerto Rico,” he said. “I will work with the Puerto Rican community to see that these long overdue and desperately needed funds are put to use in a wise way building the cleaner and more resilient energy grid the island deserves.”

The move comes as polls for the presidental race show a tight race in Florida between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. This aid package could potentially move Puerto Rican voters in the state towards Trump.

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