Trump Campaign Seizes on Biden Supporter Who Mentions ‘Sea of Trump Flags’

Source: Detroit Free Press

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign wasted little time late Thursday to highlight a brief but awkward moment during the Joe Biden CNN town hall in Pennsylvania, Fox News informed.

The soundbite was born when it was Susan Connors’ chance to ask Biden a question. Connors is a small business owner who supports the former vice president, but she pointed out the general feeling of those who live around her.

She said when she’s home, she looks out “over my Biden sign in my front yard and I see a sea of Trump flags and yard signs.”

Conners asked Biden how he would bring the country together.

Biden told her that he has said before that no matter who wins in November, that person is going to inherit a divided country. He said he plans on uniting the country by being “everyone’s president.”

The Trump campaign tweeted out the woman’s remark about the Trump supporters in her neighborhood and posted, “President Trump is going to win Pennsylvania again!”

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