Donald Trump Jr. Reacts to ‘Amazing Week’ at RNC: ‘I Felt Proud to be an American Watching This’

The Republican National Convention concluded Thursday night with President Trump’s speech accepting his renomination, a fireworks display and live music, topping off an “amazing week,” Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

“I felt proud to be an American watching this and honestly watching the last four days of the RNC,” he said. “When you compare and contrast that to what was last week, which was this, like, never-ending, ‘I hate America’ Zoom call … It’s just been an amazing week. And tonight topped it off like nothing else.”

The President’s eldest son admitted that while the last four years have not been easy for his family, it’s all been worth it to see his father push through setbacks and accomplish all he has for the American people.

“I feel great because it’s all worth it as an American,” he said. “It wasn’t easy at times … We’ve seen sort of what the worst of government can try to do. When you think about the beginning of these four years, it was the first time we had a not-peaceful transition of power. I mean, that is one of the great American traditions, something that went on for 240-plus years until now, until Donald Trump.”

Trump Jr. said despite the adversity, which included the Russia investigation and his father’s impeachment, the President “delivered for the American people.”

“That’s an anomaly. That doesn’t happen. That’s once-in-a-generation at best for an American politician to fight through that kind of adversity and still deliver and still get it done. And that’s what Donald Trump’s all about,” Trump Jr. said.

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