Chris Wallace Calls Trump RNC Address ‘Far Too Long’ and ‘Surprisingly Flat’ despite ‘Some Good Lines’

While “there certainly were impressive fireworks” on the National Mall following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention Thursday night, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said he was “surprised at the lack of fireworks” in President Trump’s speech, Fox News informed.

“The President went through all his accomplishments during his first term — they are a great number and they are considerable,” Wallace told the Fox News reaction panel after Trump accepted the Republican nomination on the South Lawn of the White House.

“Then he went after Joe Biden, and he had some good lines …,” Wallace said, “but I have to say …. his delivery — and we have seen the President turn on a crowd —  was surprisingly flat and it didn’t seem to have the bite that he usually does have in his speeches.”

In his remarks, Trump took aim at his Democratic rival and sought to show a clear contrast between himself and the former vice president.

Wallace added that the speech was “far too long — 70 minutes exactly” and resembled a State of the Union address.

But, the host went on to praise Trump’s “ambitious plan for a second term,” which includes “10 million jobs in ten months, bringing medical supply chains back to the U.S. [and] dealing with preexisting conditions.”

“One other thing we have to note,” Wallace concluded, “and that is the event itself. The fact that there were 2,000 people in close quarters on the South Lawn there with seemingly very few of them with masks, no social distancing, ignoring all the public health recommendations, I suspect that’s gonna get a lot of comment in the next few days.”

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