Trump Displeased with China’s Attempt to Crack Down on Hong Kong

According to a White House statement, President Trump is displeased with the Chinese government’s latest attempt to crack down on Hong Kong.

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was talking with the reporters as she said:

“He is displeased with China’s efforts and that it’s hard to see how Hong Kong can remain a financial hub if China takes over.”

She did not elaborate on what actions will the United States take if China followed through on the efforts to seize maximum control over Hong Kong.

According to recent reports, China is expected to pass a national security law for Hong Kong that allows Chinese officials to take action in the territory on acts of treason, secession, sedition, and subversion.

The United States issued a warning that these actions are a threat to the ‘’one country, two systems’’ policy that allowed Hong Kong to act on its own ever since 1997 after the transfer from British to Chinese rule.

The law is viewed as a response to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, which began in June in opposition to proposed legislation that would have allowed people to be extradited to mainland China for criminal offenses. But the national security law has itself prompted a fresh round of protests in Hong Kong and raised concerns among human rights advocates globally, The Hill reported.

Trump was mainly passive on the whole issue, only saying that he hopes that the two sides can work out on a peaceful solution. He did not criticize Chinese President Xi Jinping as at that time, the Trump administration was trying to make a trade deal with China.

Trump even praised the transparency of China in dealing with the crisis that emerged but slowly he started criticizing them because of the slow response.

Tensions between the U.S. and China began to rise again as Trump criticized them for handling the coronavirus and putting the world in danger.

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