Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Massive Job Losses in U.S.

Millions of Americans have either lost or will lose their jobs as the coronavirus crisis throttles the economy amid lockdowns, quarantines, and closures. A deep and painful recession is beginning. Amid speculation of a depression, Congress is negotiating a $1.8 trillion stimulus bill.

“I know it’s not the government’s fault this is happening but they should take into consideration that a majority of people live check to check and can’t afford to live without a few days’ pay let alone a whole month’s worth,” Aleyah told¬†Newsweek. “There should be a way for them to pause rent, debts, bills, and other things that would significantly hold back thousands of families in the U.S. And I mean drastically hold them back financially.”

A flood of unemployment claims is overwhelming state labor department websites. The investment bank Goldman Sachs estimated that 2.25 million Americans lost their jobs last week which, if borne out by the official data, would be a record.

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