‘Imagine All The Progress We Can Make,’ Biden Says in Last Ad

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has published his latest ad prior to Iowa caucuses in which he is emphasizing his electability and calling on voters’ support so they see what could happen if he is elected in November, The Hill reported.

“Imagine all the progress we can make in the next four years. Imagine a country where affordable health care is a right, not a privilege,” the former vice president says in the ad, which was first reported by Politico

“What we imagine today, you can make a reality,” he adds. “But first we need to beat Donald Trump. Then there will be no limit to what we can do.”

The 30-second spot will reportedly run on Iowa TV stations and on the streaming service Hulu through next Monday when Iowa voters will turn out for the first contest of the 2020 primary.

In the ad, the former vice president has also listed priorities such as health care legislation and an assault weapons ban.

Biden trails a surging Senator Bernie Sanders by 3 percentage points in Iowa, according to a RealClearPolitics average of recent polling. Sanders has 25 percent support just days before the caucuses compared to Biden’s 22 percent.

The former vice president has sought to emphasize his moderate views and electability in the face of Sanders, a hero of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

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