‘I Don’t Like It That Democrats Attack Other Democrat,’ Jill Biden Says

Jill Biden is clapping back at Democrats criticizing her husband, more precisely Bernie Sanders’ latest remarks that Biden has too much “baggage” in his political record that he argues makes it difficult to generate excitement and energy needed to defeat President Donald Trump.

“That’s ridiculous,” Biden told CNN when asked about Sanders’ comments during an extensive interview with CNN on a two-day swing through New Hampshire.”Joe has been under attack because he’s doing so well. And I don’t like it that Democrats attack other Democrats. We’re in this race against Donald Trump. We’re not against any of the other Democrats.”

She added, “As I travel around the country people are saying to me, ‘Jill, we don’t like it, that the Democrats are attacking one another,’ and I agree with that. The former second lady has quickly risen as her husband’s top surrogate and is one of the most active spouses hitting the campaign trail.”

The Biden campaign has deployed her to each of the early states often serving as a closer for her husband’s speeches as well as headlining events of her own, with the former second lady telling CNN she sees her campaign role as being a “partner” to her husband.

“Joe and I’ve been married for 42 years. This is how we’ve always done things. I’ve campaigned in every election,” she said. “I go one way, he goes the other way, and so we can cover more ground and talk to more people.”

“He’s always supported my career. And this is a critical time for me to support him because, you know, I want change,” she said. ” I want a new president.”

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