Trump Called Democratic Louisiana Governor Bel Edwards to Congratulate on Election Win

President Donald Trump on Monday reportedly called newly elected Louisiana Governor Democrat John Bel Edwards ,congratulating him on his reelection victory over the weekend.

“The President congratulated the Governor and said he was looking forward to working with him,” Edwards’ spokesman Richard Carbo said in a statement to The Hill

According to the governor’s spokesman, Edwards had a close win against Trump-backed Republican candidate Eddie Rispone by winning 51 percent of the vote, despite Trump visiting the state twice in the period of a week. 

Trump criticized Edwards during a campaign rally in Bossier City Thursday evening, calling him a “tool” of Democrats in Washington and likening him to a “radical leftist.” 

“A vote for John Bel Edwards is a vote for radical leftists who despise your values, hate your beliefs and want to crush the workers of the state,” Trump told the crowd. 

Trump also sought to align Edwards with House Democrats spearheading the impeachment inquiry into his dealings with Ukraine. 

“He’s controlled by the same extremists who are pushing the impeachment witch hunt and John Bel Edwards, if he gets ever involved in that, he’s going to push it like hell,” Trump said at the rally. “All I do is make enemies because if he wins, I got another enemy. What the hell difference does it make? I have so many, but then I have an enemy in Louisiana.”

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