Fox News Host Tells Co-Hosts He ‘Wanted to Be Black’ As a Youth

Jesse Watters surprised his co-hosts on the Fox News program The Five when he revealed that at one point in his youth, he wanted to be black.

While answering a question from a viewer, “What was the weirdest phase you went through growing up?” Watters admitted he thought he was black “for like, a year, year and a half.”

“Oh, geez!” yelled Greg Gutfeld, co-host of The Five. “Wait, just stop there.”

Watters did not stop there but continued to explain what he meant by the comment.

“No, I wanted to be black,” Watters continued. “I did. Really, I had all the gear. I wore all kinds of stuff.”

“I don’t wanna know,” Gutfeld said.

Panelist and Fox Business Network host Kennedy asked political analyst Juan Williams if he wanted her to call the human resources department on his behalf. Williams laughingly declined.

“No, because actually he did a test,” Williams said. “Tell them about the test.”

“Oh, yeah,” Watters said. “Well, our DNA test says I’m 0.1 percent black.”

“There you go,” Williams said.

It was an interesting admission for Watters, who has been accused of casual racism over some of his comments on Fox News.

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