Italian Council Building Flooded just Moments after Lawmakers Reject Global Warming Policy

The Italian regional council that is located in Venice’s Grand Canal, for the first time in history was flooded just moments after government officials rejected a policy for curbing climate change.

In the last several days Venice was hit by flooding due to record high tides, resulting in parts of the city being submerged. Venice’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has attributed the flooding to climate change.

According to CNN, the council chamber in Ferro Fini Palace started to flood Tuesday night as council members were debating the 2020 budget.

“Ironically, the chamber was flooded two minutes after the majority League, Brothers of Italy, and Forza Italia parties rejected our amendments to tackle climate change,” Democratic Party councilor Andrea Zanoni, who is deputy chairman of the environment committee, wrote in a Facebook post.

The regional council reportedly rejected amendments that would fund renewable sources, replace diesel buses with “more efficient and less polluting ones,” and remove polluting stoves and reduce the impact of plastics, Zanoni noted.

Zanoni alleged that the rest of the council has done little to address climate change, saying the regional budget presented has “no concrete actions to combat climate change.”

Roberto Ciambetti, the council’s president, rejected Zanoni’s accusation in a statement to CNN.

“Beyond propaganda and deceptive reading, we are voting (for) a regional budget that spent €965 million over the past three years in the fight against air pollution, smog, which is a determining factor in climate change,” read the statement, according to the news outlet.

The rest of the council’s meetings for the week were moved to another location due to the flooding.

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