Top Democrat Calls Facebook’s Political Ad System ‘Ludicrous and Short-Sighted’

Senator Mark Warner has slammed Mark Zuckerberg on his company policy regarding political advertising, and called the system of Facebook’s policy “ludicrous” and “short-sighted.”

Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat Warner suggested that Facebook should apply the same rule of fact-checking ads run by political parties and third-parties, to political candidates too.

“Do we really want to coarsen our already coarse political debate with Facebook allowing this to take place?” Warner asked during an interview on Tuesday.

“This is ludicrous, I think it is short-sighted and I just hope they’ll recognize that they made a mistake, call a timeout and reconsider,” he added.

This is not the first time Warner has urged Zuckerberg to rethink the new ad policy. 

The Virginia senator sent a letter to the tech executive on Monday night, saying that “Facebook’s apparent lack of foresight or concern for the possible damages by this policy concerns me.” He also demanded that the company provide more details on the change and how it planned to avert the potential negative effects of the policy shift. 

His comments come a week after lawmakers grilled the tech executive over the social platform’s new ad policy, The Hill reported.

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