Comey Criticizes Mueller for Inadequate Transparency

Former FBI Director James Comey on Saturday stated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is a failure due to “inadequate transparency.”

“He didn’t succeed in his mission because there was inadequate transparency to the American people on whose behalf he was investigating,” Comey said during the Politicon political conference in Nashville. 

According to The Hill, Comey added that there were two major ways that this “transparency” was lacking: “the way in which his report was spun, massaged and, in my view, misconstrued by the attorney general,” and “they way in which it was physically presented made it impossible for the American people to have access to it.”

“Bob Mueller presented a great report that’s old school, it’s 446 pages long but nobody has access to it so nobody sees the work he did and the American people except for a small slice don’t know that he removed any possible fuzz on the notion of the Russian attack, that he laid out an extraordinary series of acts by the president,” Comey said. 

“I think part of his mandate is to make sure that the people who he represents have a reasonable understanding of what he found,” he added. 

Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference found 10 instances in which President Donald Trump obstructed justice. It also found that Russia attempted to interfere in U.S. elections, it did not find that the Trump campaign illegally conspired with Russia. 

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