Study Finds Climate Change is Top Priority for Young Voters

A study from an initiative dedicated to studying what motivates the nation’s youth found that global warming is the issue of highest concern to young voters.

According to The Hill, a report from the Cause and Social Influence Initiative found that climate change was the top issue for 34 percent of members of Generation Z and 27 percent of millennials surveyed.

“This year’s research began in the wake of Greta Thunberg’s sail to the Climate Change Summit and heavy media coverage of her trip and the issue; climate change subsequently was the top social issue for 2019,” the report said.

Civil rights, immigration, health care reform and mental health and social services are the next four on the list, putting gun control out from the top five list of top social issues.

Polls have also found climate change is a top priority for older voters.

Meanwhile, a poll made by CNN found it was a top issue for Democratic voters, while polling from the Sierra Club found 62 percent of voters said climate change plans would be an important factor in who they decided to vote for. 

Global warming could contribute to the failure of one in four steel bridges in the US over the next two decades.

Bridges in the US and other high-income countries are aging and deteriorating. Last year, a large portion of an Italian bridge built in the 1960s collapsed, killing more than 40 people.

One of the most common problems involves expansion joints. These allow sections of a bridge to swell and shrink in warmer weather without weakening the structure. But they cause major structural problems if they malfunction.

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