Bill Maher Offers Trump a Million to Leave Office

Liberal comedian and commentator Bill Maher offered President Trump $1 million to resign during his show Friday night.

“Just take my check for $1 million,” Maher, a longstanding Trump critic, said on HBO’s “Real Time.”

“I bet I could get another 1,000 people just from here to the beach — including Malibu, of course — who would pay that much to see you resign,” Maher added.

Maher concluded, “Mr. President, it is really very simple. You love money. We hate you.”

The host has long called for Trump’s impeachment, saying in January, “It’s pretty hard to convict — but if you don’t do it with him, where is the bar?”

“And what sort of damage is he going to do for the next two years that he is in this office?” he added at the time.

However, Maher warned at the end of September of the potential political ramifications of pursuing Trump’s impeachment.

“If we do this, the country is going to be paralyzed,” the host remarked at the time.

“I’m not saying don’t. … It’s going to be paralyzed for a very long time, and all of the oxygen in the room will be taken by this,” he added.

Those comments came after House Democrats formally launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump focused on his July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president.

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