US Withdrawal from Syria Increasing Chances of ISIS Resurrecting

Experts are divided about the role of the United States in Syria as some say that the war in Syria was one of the many endless wars from the United States while others say that Syria was a war that must be finished by the U.S. because of strong Iranian funding to Damascus along with the deployment of Iranian soldiers in the area, and the aggressive Russian diplomatic and military help to the regime of Bashar al Assad.

According to The Hill, Europeans who were against the U.S. war in Iraq were calling for a bigger U.S. intervention in Syria. The intent was not to launch a large ground operation but to combine international forces in a targeted way to pressure the Syrian regime into ending its massive war crimes and to enter into serious negotiations towards a political settlement among the parties.

Back in August 2013, former President Barack Obama decided to cancel targeted airstrikes that were prepared with the help of France against the Syrian military facilities after Assad used chemical weapons against the protestors in his country.

Back in 2015, fewer than 2,000 U.S. troops were deployed in Syria in order to fight against terrorism. The White House led an international mission in order to take back the territories that were seized by the Islamic State of Iran and Syria.

The Kurdish-Arab alliance (called the Syrian Democratic Forces) were a very important part of the fighting in Syria because the campaign would not have been possible without them even though the U.S. was leading the whole process. There were somewhere around 11,000 Kurdish victims in the process.

Contrary to the situation in Syria, in its previous wars like the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. deployed a much bigger amount of soldiers.

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