DB: The Three Keys to Trump’s Coming Coup

The endgame came clear this week, and let’s not kid ourselves. If they can get away with it, Donald Trump and the Republican Party are going to stage a coup to nullify the Constitution and the election. And if you’re rolling your eyes right now, you are the naïve one, and you’d better wake up, The Daily Beast writes.

This isn’t exactly a plan. It’s foolish to say that Trump thinks ahead about anything. The late journalist Wayne Barrett said many true things about Trump, but the truest ever was when he observed that Trump says whatever will get him through the next 10 minutes, DB adds.

Those press conferences he gives outside the White House are impromptu performances in which he trots out whatever lie he thinks will sound good. I’d use the word “improvisation,” but that word has positive associations with masterful jazz artists. Trump isn’t that. He’s a 3-year-old child at a piano whose response to everyone in the house yelling “Stop!” is to bang-play louder, DB notes.

Even so, he stumbles into planting a seed here and there, like when he muses—sorry, “jokes”—about serving three or four terms. And the people around him of course are more strategic and are thinking ahead. And they’re all saying and doing and writing things right now that will, if the opportunity presents itself, pave the way for Trump to burn the Constitution, The Daily Beast points out.

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