Biden Calls Trump ‘Unhinged’ as President Lashes out on Twitter

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump, saying that he is “unhinged” amid Trump’s answer to the impeachment inquiry and the President’s own allegations of wrongdoing by Biden and his son, Fox News informed.

The 2020 presidential hopeful attended the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) summit, proceeding with his strategy of dismissing Trump’s allegations and that his campaign has called the President’s “unprecedented abuse of power.”

“Have you ever seen — rhetorical question — a president ever so unhinged as this guy is?” the Democrat asked Sunday.

Trump and Biden were long before in a war of words, but the tension increased after the whistleblower complaint that claimed Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to probe Biden and his son Hunter, and made threats that he would withhold military aid if the Ukrainians did not follow through.

Trump made accusations against Biden’s son Hunter of improper activity tied to his business deals with energy company Burisma Holdings and stated that his father used his office position to put pressure on the Ukrainian government into firing top prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was leading the investigation about Burisma.

Biden publicly revealed that he indeed pressured Ukraine to fire Shokin, but rejected the claims that it had any relation to his son’s business dealings in the country. The former vice president stated that his decisions were then based on and in line with the pressure from other foreign leaders to fire the prosecutor.

“We weren’t pressing Ukraine to get rid of a tough prosecutor. We were pursuing Ukraine to replace a weak prosecutor who wouldn’t do the job,” Biden said this past Wednesday of an Obama administration policy supported by other Western governments that viewed Shokin as incompetent or perhaps corrupt.

The U.S. was backed internationally for its opposition to Shokin. Ukrainian officials, including Shokin’s successor, have said since that the Bidens were never involved in any wrongdoing.

The first whistleblower was harshly criticized by the President and his supporters based on an apparent lack of direct knowledge of the President’s talk with Zelensky, as well as what Trump has called an inaccurate description of the phone call.

The second whistleblower was also faced with the President’s criticism, who used his Twitter account more often than usual this weekend. His attacks were aimed at the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah.

“The first so-called second hand information “Whistleblower” got my phone conversation almost completely wrong, so now word is they are going to the bench and another “Whistleblower” is coming in from the Deep State, also with second hand info,” Trump tweeted. “Meet with Shifty. Keep them coming!”

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