House Dems Must ‘Do Something’ about Trump, Says Julián Castro

Julián Castro urged House Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump following the reports that Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart to probe Vice President Joe Biden who is his political rival for the 2020 presidential race, The Hill reported.

“You cannot sit by as the highest officeholder in the land flagrantly violates the law and violates every norm of a healthy democracy that we have, because it’s setting a terrible standard for people in the future. We can never normalize this,” Castro said on the campaign trail.

“He needs to be impeached. I love these House Democrats—my brother is one of them, but it’s time for them to do something. It’s time for them to act,” he added, referring to his identical twin Rep. Joaquin Castro. 

Democrats have fumed over media reports that emerged Friday revealing that Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a July phone call to investigate Biden’s son.

Trump’s discussions with Zelensky have come under heightened scrutiny in recent days after news broke of a whistleblower report detailing a troubling “promise” the President made to a foreign leader. It was later reported that the whistleblower’s claims specifically centered around Ukraine. 

Republicans have pointed to Biden’s efforts in 2016 to get a prosecutor dismissed who was investigating a natural gas company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch, whose board members included his son, Hunter. No evidence has surfaced to suggest Biden acted to protect his son.

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