New Poll Shows Biden Still in Lead, Warren Rising

A new NBC/WSJ poll released Tuesday has found presidential candidate Joe Biden still in the lead among Democrats after last week’s third Democratic presidential debate with Senator Elizabeth Warren closely trailing behind him.

The poll comes after candidates presented and debated a number of new policy platforms, including contested issues such as gun policy and race relations, as well as health care, which has been the focus of many Democratic candidates’ campaigns.

The poll puts former Vice President Biden at 31 percent support among Democratic voters and Warren at 25 percent, up 7 points since the last NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in early July. CNN writes that the survey was conducted through phone, between September 13-16, with a margin of error of about 4.36 percentage points.

Senator Bernie Sanders follows behind Warren at 14 percent, ahead of Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 7 percent and Senator Kamala Harris at 5 percent.

Forty-nine percent of African-American voters support Biden, who also commands 46 percent among senior citizens and 42 percent among moderate and conservative Democrats, CNBC reports.

But the poll shows Warren rising in another facet of the poll. Namely, 35 percent of Democratic primary voters say they would be enthusiastic about Warren, while only about 25 percent or less said the same of the other candidates.

She also leads the former vice president by nearly two-to-one among liberals and Democrats under 35 and holds a double-digit lead among those seeking large-scale change in the post-Trump era.

This group represents the majority of Democratic voters, 56 percent, who say they favor a candidate who proposes “larger-scale policies that cost more and might be harder to pass into law, but could bring major change” rather than “smaller-scale policies” that although easier to pass, would bring considerable less change.

“Warren becoming a broadly acceptable choice is a very significant development in a multi-candidate field,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducts the NBC/WSJ poll with his Democratic counterpart Peter Hart.

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