Trump Praises Washington Post, Saying He Can’t Believe they Wrote ‘Positive Front-Page Story’

President Donald Trump on Sunday praised an article by the Washington Post, quoting the part that he described as “positive front-page story.” 

The Post’s story, which was published Saturday, reports on the current debate within the Democratic primary as the candidates compete on who is going to take on Trump as Republicans are widely backing Trump for reelection. 

“Can’t believe the @washingtonpost wrote a positive front-page story, ‘Unity Issue Has Parties Pointing To Trump. GOP Goes All In, While Democrats Clash Over Ideology & Tactics. Mr. President, We Are With You The Entire Way. REPUBLICANS Have….Coalesced Around Trump.”…..,” Trump tweeted Sunday.

The Post’s story, published Saturday, in fact reads “Republicans, meanwhile, have largely coalesced around Trump, but it’s far from clear that the president has a winning message for 2020.” 

Trump’s reference to “We are with you the entire way,” seems to be referring to what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said during the House GOP retreat last week in Baltimore and is quoted in the Post’s article. 

Trump also touted an opinion column by Kathleen Parker published also on The Post, in which she wrote that Trump “won” Thursday’s Democratic debate. 

“Then, on top of it all, Kathleen Parker, of all people, wrote “In Case You Were Wondering, Trump Won The Debate.” True, but what is going on at the @washingtonpost? NOT Fake News!,” Trump tweeted.

In the column Trump is referencing, Parker seems to criticize Trump as she claims he “won” the primary debate. 

“Democrats are too earnest. They care too much. They’re too smart. They know too much,” she said, adding that Trump “knew nothing” when he ran in 2016 but kept voters entertained.

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