Trump Won’t Assign Pompeo to Role of National Security Adviser

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo won’t be the next national security adviser, although some outlets reported that he might be tapped to replace John Bolton in the role.

“I think he’s fantastic, but I actually spoke to Mike Pompeo about that,” Trump said outside the White House, adding that he and Pompeo get along well because “we have a lot of the same view and a couple of different ones.”

But he stressed that both he and his secretary of state would prefer to have “someone in there with him,” referring to Pompeo.

A day earlier, CNN reported that the secretary of state was allegedly considered for the position, writing that if such a scenario were to become reality, Pompeo would be the second person in U.S. history to hold a dual role.

President Trump noted that he was looking into 15 candidates, ten more than what he said he was considering on Wednesday. He then pointed out that working with him was not a difficult task as “I make all the decisions, and they don’t have to work.”

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