Meghan McCain Doubts Steyer Can Inspire People with His 2020 Bid

Meghan McCain questioned Tom Steyer how a billionaire activist who has no previous experience in government or military work could connect with voters, referring to his presidential ambitions, The Hill reported.  

“We already have a billionaire businessman in the White House, and it’s not going so great,” McCain said on The View.

“One of the few things that unite this table is we all think government experience or military experience is important, so no disrespect, nothing you’re saying is resonating with me at all,” she added.

Defending himself, Steyer mentioned his political and philanthropic work.

“For the last 10 years, I have put together coalitions of Americans to take on corporate power and won. So that involves direct democracy, going and taking on oil companies and propositions around the country, taking on tobacco companies,” Steyer said.

Steyer has spent millions on his political organization NextGen America, which registered youth voters during the 2018 midterm elections and worked toward flipping Republican House seats. He also launched the group Need to Impeach, which advocates to begin impeachment efforts against President Trump. 

But McCain told Steyer that he has “not proven that you can inspire people to elect you to any office.”

“I just think that billionaires — put your money where your mouth is with these candidates. But why run yourself instead of funding them?” McCain asked.

Steyer said his campaign is focusing on “grassroots” mobilization around the country. 

“What I’m talking about here is if we are going to reform this government, isn’t it going to have to be from the outside and the grassroots that it’s going to come. Isn’t it going to be the power of the American people deciding that we together have to take back this government,” he said.

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