Harris and Biden Spokespersons Bicker on Twitter after Debate

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s press secretaries have contended over a story published by Fox News, detailing a campaign donation of $5,000 from Donald Trump to Senator Harris in 2011, The Hill reported.

“She literally gave all the money to an immigrants rights charity. Sloppy oppo pitch by the Biden team,” wrote Ian Sams, national press secretary for Harris’s presidential campaign.

“Who else had Trump given to? Hillary Clinton. Chuck Schumer. The Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees,” he added. “C’mon man!”

Prior to the launch of his presidential campaign in 2015, President Trump on occasion made donations to Democratic candidates who were running for office.

Biden’s press secretary Jamal Brown hit back with a Tweet claiming that Harris took money from Trump after he began to spread birther conspiracies about former President Obama. 

“@KamalaHarris took $5,000 from @realDonaldTrump (the most he was allowed to give) months *AFTER* he became the leader of the hateful Birther movement & President Obama released his birth certificate,” Brown wrote. “Then she held onto it *FOR YEARS* until Trump was a presidential candidate.”  

“Stop trying to make fetch happen,” Sams responded, apparently referencing the movie “Mean Girls.”

“Y’all are better than this,” he added.

“Do you have a serious response? Why did she take his money after he became the leader of the Birther movement – & after Obama released his birth certificate – and then hold onto it for years?” Brown wrote.

The exchange followed arguments between the candidates Wednesday night over health care and abortion rights.

The two White House hopefuls quarreled at the previous debate when Harris questioned Biden on his comments about working with segregationist senators and his past stance on busing black students into majority-white schools.

Biden and Harris are among more than two dozen candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

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