White Supremacy, Radical Islam Materials Found in Gilroy Killer’s Home

Nevada investigators have searched the home of Santino William Legan, the suspect in Sunday’s deadly shooting at a festival in California, discovering evidence that points to intent to carry out a large-scale attack, including white supremacist literature.

The search of the 19-year-old suspect in Walker Lake, Nevada, found empty ammunition boxes, a knife, white supremacy and radical Islam reading materials as well as a camouflage backpack and a gas mask. Investigators also found an empty bottle of Valium, The Hill informs, citing an earlier report by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Authorities have now begun searching computers and other electronic devices at the home to uncover additional evidence of the man’s potential ties to white supremacist movements.

“We continue to try to understand who the shooter was, what motivated him, and whether he was aligned with any particular ideology. Reviewing digital media, historically, has been very revealing in terms of somebody’s mindset, ideological beliefs, intentions,” FBI Special Agent Craig Fair said at a press conference Tuesday.

“We’ve got to get into the computers, the towers, the thumb drive, the phone, to get a holistic picture of him and who he was in touch with, what sentiments and thoughts he shared with others, what he cataloged for his own consumption,” he continued.

According to the FBI, the shooter was “kind of a loner” and he most likely fired randomly, without having a concrete target in mind, ABC News writes. Fair added that because of this, people like Legan are particularly dangerous as they often do not share their plans and intentions with others.

On Sunday, Legan opened fire at a food festival in Northern California, killing three people and injuring dozens more with an AK-47-style semiautomatic rifle, before being killed by police himself. His motives remain unclear.

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