Iran Signals Reversing Nuclear Program if U.S. Lifts Sanctions

Tensions between Iran and major western countries continue to rise ever since President Trump pulled out of the Obama-era nuclear deal last year.

There are efforts to revive the deal from countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, and China as they appointed a meeting to discuss future steps. These countries also try to protect the trade they have with Iran ever since the United States under the Trump administration imposed sanctions who had no real effect since day one.

An Iranian diplomat was talking on the topic with Reuters moments before the meeting as he said:

“All our steps taken so far are reversible if other parties to the deal fulfill their commitments.’’

Two months ago, Iran said that it would decrease its commitments under the nuclear deal and later they increased their uranium enrichment, for the first time after the nuclear deal was abandoned. Under the agreement, most sanctions against Iran were dismissed in order for them to limit their nuclear capacities.

So far, Iran has breached the limit of its enriched uranium stockpile as well as enriching uranium beyond a 3.67% purity limit set by its deal with major powers, defying a warning by Europeans to stick to the deal despite U.S. sanctions, according to Reuters.

“Trade vehicle INSTEX, along with other measures, will be discussed in the meeting. Other parties should accelerate their efforts, otherwise Iran will take the third step,’’ said the diplomat.

Abbas Araqchi, the senior nuclear negotiator of Iran said:

‘’We witnessed the seizure of an oil tanker carrying Iranian oil in the Strait of Gibraltar which in our view is a violation of the nuclear deal. And the countries who are part of the nuclear deal should not create an obstacle for the export of Iranian oil.’’

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