Trump Vows to Meet with Schumer Immediately After Border Visit

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that he will meet Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer “ASAP” after Schumer visited the Southern U.S. border.

“Senator Chuck Schumer has finally gone to the Southern Border with some Democrat Senators. This is a GREAT thing! Nearby, he missed a large group of Illegal Immigrants trying to enter the USA illegally. They wildly rushed Border Patrol. Some Agents were badly injured,” Trump tweeted.

He added in a subsequent tweet that judging by Schumer’s comments, he must have realized the extent of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border and “seen how dangerous & bad for our Country the Border is.” Trump also said that Schumer had expressed a desire to meet with him, stressing that he would set up a meeting immediately.

Schumer is leading a group of about a dozen Senate Democrats on a visit to the border to see detention facilities, The Hill reports. Last week, the senator said that they would “investigate, inspect and evaluate the latest conditions at these facilities,” while a number of House Democrats, who had already visited the border, detailed the inhumane and unsanitary conditions there.  

“Faultless kids, many traveling alone, many very young, are subjected to inhumane conditions, without the proper health care, nutrition, hygiene or space. People have different views on immigration, we know that. But no one should want to see these kids treated so inhumanely,” Schumer said on Thursday.

“We hope, desperately hope, that the conditions have improved over the past several weeks and we will certainly report to the American people and to the Senate on what we find,” he added at the Senate floor.

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