Sanders Tops List of Most Liked 2020 Democratic Candidates

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Party’s most liked 2020 presidential candidate, according to a new Gallup survey released Friday, Newsweek writes.

Gallup found that Democrats had the most favorable opinion of Sanders, with 72 percent of respondents indicating a favorable view of the senator. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been leading every national poll of the 2020 roster, earned the second-highest favorable rating from Democrats, at 69 percent.

The other candidates measured in the survey clocked in with a rating below 60 percent, though Gallup notes that this is due to their lack of name recognition and not any particular antipathy towards them, Newsweek adds.

The poll also showed that candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Cory Booker all received “no opinion” ratings of around 30 percent or more, suggesting that a smaller public profile could be depressing potential enthusiasm for their candidacy.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had the highest unfavorable rating, at 30 percent, of the 10 candidates measured. The rest of the field confined their unfavorable ratings to below 20 percent.

Gallup’s poll was conducted in the aftermath of the first Democratic primary debates at the end of June. Harris and Warren were widely seen as having boosted their profiles among the viewing public after a pair of breakout performances.

Gallup wrote that, as it has periodically measured Democrats’ favorability ratings over the course of 2019, “the only notable change has been a decline in Biden’s favorable score,” a pattern observed “among Democrats as well as U.S. adults overall.”

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